Cultivation Aloe Vera

In appearance , it is commonly believed that aloe is a kind of cactus. However, this perennial plant belongs to the lily family , so is akin to the garlic and onion. There are over 200 types of aloe but only some of them have medicinal properties. Possibly the most effective is the ' barbadensis ' .

Its cultivation in the Canary Islands , where it grows wild and is indigenous , is already remarkable . In addition , the Archipelago is presented as an ideal place for the development of the plant due to its dry climate . Excess water and cold are undoubtedly the main enemies of the plant , hence the limited geographical extension of their habitat.
The plant is basically composed by a variable group leaves radiating from a central trunk . From this grows sporadically , two or three times a year , a long stem with several branches of its yellow flowers hanging . From branching taproot other small but firm not delve far into the ground to take advantage of all the water in it is deposited .

The structure of the sheet is a transparent gelatinous core surrounded by a thin liquid layer of yellow- called aloes - protected all for the thin but sturdy external xerófila green bark . The latest research concluded that the combined effect of all leaf elements naturally produce a synergistic effect that is unmatched by any other product known .

The most amazing fact about aloe is its conversion into a thriving industry. The Arab countries that were first marketed . Later the British crown would that took advantage of his popularity and creates significant production center in its colony of Barbados. Its use , however , was limited by the difficulty of preserving the juice , very unstable and easily oxidized . This market products aloe prevented a large scale and could only be done in specific areas where the plant was grown . In 1965 , Bill Coats, a pharmacist from Dallas , Texas, invented and patented the first effective process for stabilizing aloe pulp . Since then , a wide range of companies have sold hundreds of aloe products .

Today Islands cultivation is done without the use of pesticides or other chemical type . Pejoseca Laboratories S. L. character favor a totally organic production and currently managed for aloe certification that proves .

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